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Laser Piles Surgery in Bhopal

Piles are dilated ‘bunch’ of veins in the lower anal canal. Though Piles (Haemorrhoids) is one of the most common diseases afflicting human race yet the satisfactory treatment of this disease was largely unavailable for most of the times. Due to absence of single convincing treatment, the number of treatment options available today exceeds the number of myths surrounding the disease.

Caused of Piles:

Main cause of piles, pushing hard to pass stools puts a strain on the veins in the anal canal which eventually dilate and enlarge to form ‘piles’. Piles are more common in women during pregnancy and childbirth and there is some evidence that piles run in families.

Symptoms of Piles:

Type of Piles
  1. External piles are soft fleshy fold
  2. Internal piles are sub mucosal vascular cushions
Grades of piles
  1. painless defecator bleeding without significant prolapse
  2. bleeding and prolapse occur at the time of defecation but piles reduces itself into the rectum
  3. Bleeding and prominent prolapse after defecation that requires digital reduction.
  4. large piles that cannot be reduced
Old Method of Treatment of Piles
  1. Injections therapy- has got limitations, with limited results in limited grades
  2. Surgical removal -very painful requires hospitalization for many days Rest from work for long period
  3. Stappellar excision – great surgical trauma, requires rest for many days prone for complications
New Latest and Advance Method of Treatment of Piles

Treatment of piles is done with latest imported laser machine successfully without hospitalization as a day care procedure with minimal post operative pain ,no suture no cuts.