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Fissure Surgery in Bhopal

Fissure is a small tear or wound inside the anal canal. It is caused by hard stool trauma to the anal skin. After healing it leaves behind a small nodule and it is known as sentinel pile. It is associated with fissure. After every attack of fissure, it enlarges and becomes a cause of worry for patients.

Causes of Fissure:

An Unhealthy diet that causes constipation and lack of physical activities are the major causes leading to anal fissure. Other factors include:

Symptoms of Fissure:

Treatment of Fissure

Old method of Treatment of fissure is excision of fissure tissue with division of fibres of internal sphincter. This requires great surgical trauma to the patient  causing lots of pain and needs rest to the patient

New advance method of Treatment is available now in Bhopal by an Imported laser machine. Treatment can be done without hospitalization as an outdoor procedure. Minimal post-operative pain with fast recovery.