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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Bhopal

Pilonidal sinus is a disease where there are small holes in the skin which occur on the top of buttocks in the cleft. Hole maybe fill up with pus. A pilonidal sinus mostly affects men with hairy body and to the people who sit for prolonged hours.


Pilonidal sinus may contain hairs in it. It may cause severe pain to the patient. There may be foul smell discharge from this hole, off and on. It is now easier to get pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi as the Goyal Piles & Laser Centre offers the advanced laser treatment. Laser treatment for pilonidal sinus help the patients get rid of problem easily.

Causes of Pilonidal sinus:

Pilonidal sinus symptoms:

Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus:

Old method of Treatment is to cut to its full length and leave open for healing. Due to this requires long time dressing  lots of pain and discomfort. Patient remains away from duties

New advanced method of Treatment is available and done with laser in which the sinus is closed with laser lights. A patient can resume his duties the next day. Minimal post-operative pain and needs limited dressing.